The "royal game of India" is actually THE WORST
  1. First of all: how dare you
  2. I was always left out of family parcheesi games (youngest kid problems), I think that's the root of my distaste
  3. Also I feel like parcheesi has no sympathy when it screws me over
    At least "Sorry!" is literally called sorry. Like honestly I respect that game for that singular reason.
  5. For a board game as simple as parcheesi, it takes way too long. Far too long.
  6. Ok let's address the stupid ladder into the middle. Like I already made it around this ridiculously long track, now I have to take this giant extra step to get my piece into the middle?????
    Parcheesi I'm sorry but this is inexcusable
  7. There were always house rules and they always had me trippin hardcore
    Also Nina always won and it was stupid that is all