Inspired by @nwornhoff
  1. Nor
    So my two best friends are known as "Kels" and "Sal" and they're so nice they gave me a nickname just so I would fit in #goals #conformity
  2. Norie
    Because why not
  3. Pumpkin/pumpkin pie
    from my mommy dear ❤️
  4. Berns
    My middle name is Bernadette and my soccer coach needed a single syllable name to call me when she had to yell at me (🙄), so Berns it was
  5. Norbert/Norbie
    Courtesy of my friend Elyse JUST BECAUSE OK
  6. Norski
    A new one, thanks to my friend Cam(ski)
  7. Honestly that's it's bc there aren't any nicknames for Nora and I haven't done anything deserving of a nickname