Sisters 5ever tho 💞
  1. Hey Becky and Nina, can YOU longboard at an extremely amateur level?????
    This is a trick question to make you look bad because I know for a fact that you can't sns
  2. I can quote a significant amount of SNL skits word 4 word
    Nina tries so hard to understand and play along, but Becky is past trying to connect with my interpretations of Target Lady, Olya Potvlosky, Lillian from '1920's dinner party,' Virgania Horsen, etc.
  4. Because they can't match the reaction of pure fear this rhino is causing that I am expressing
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  5. Last year I taught myself to cross one eye
    Not sure if this makes me cooler but I mostly just wanted a reason to make it known that I can cross one eye
  6. One time I got like 60 favorites on a tweet
    'nuff said
  7. NOT 'NUFF SAID. I'd like to add that the hype is true, and I am indeed a super taster
    Don't treat me any differently, I'm just like you (except I'm not and I'm a super taster)