Agreed, followers. Agreed.
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    This isn't funny, but I threw #swag on the end so this is about what I expected.
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    You betcha
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    And my later response to myself received 7 favorites. This seemed an ample amount of attention. Nice job, followers. I applaud you.
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    Yep! I'm satisfied!
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    It was pretty savage, and it paid off. 👍🏼
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    A solid yield for meeting the lead singer of a band who most people wouldn't recognize on the street.
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    Relatable, but not actually funny.
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    Donuts are important to me and 11 of my followers.
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    One hunna
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    This was a nice one. Pat on the back to me.
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    Puns never fail me.
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    Childhood pictures ALSO never fail me.
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    Moral of the story: pictures of Kelsie yield a solid amount of rts and favs.
  17. This took way too much effort. Proud of u if you got to this point. This is so intensive. I have a headache.