60s Guys I Really Fancy

As in, guys from the 60s, NOT guys IN their 60s. Although technically these guys would be like in their 70s right now. Whatever. You know what I mean.
  1. Alain Delon
    The French actor, who's likely the prettiest person I've ever seen before. I could stare at pictures of him all day.
  2. Michael Caine
    I honestly love Michael Caine in any shape or form that he comes in, but I have to admit that 60s Michael is very attractive in a weird, scholarly way.
  3. Paul McCartney
    They didn't call him The Cute Beatle for nothing. He is the definition of cute. Those big eyes and long lashes always get me.
  4. Marlon Brando
    Such a no-brainer. Brando was so freaking handsome it's almost hard to look at him. Check that smolder.
  5. Bob Dylan
    Not really a conventional choice, because let's face it—he's no Paul McCartney. But I still think he's a cute little puppy.
  6. Sidney Poitier
    Always looks like the coolest guy in the world no matter what. And man, he can really work a suit. So, so handsome.
  7. Robert Redford
    He had a bit of a scruffy thing going on, but I dig it. Rugged and handsome.
  8. Clint Eastwood
    Even though you kind of scare me nowadays, you were an absolute stud back in the day Mr. Eastwood.
  9. Paul Newman
    Jesus, look at those eyes. Omg he was so beautiful. This is not real life.
  10. Dick Van Dyke
    Thought he was charming as hell in Mary Poppins, but I cannot stop watching The Dick Van Dyke Show. I mean look at this guy? So freaking cute.