Wonderfully stupid and funny shit that my friends have said whilst inebriated. I really do love them.
  1. "I have CLASS tomorrow!" - Emma (Yes, at 8:30am)
  2. "You don't have to be Rosa Parks to be a feminist." - Emma
  3. "Chris Kramer snapchatted me! Shit, did I snapchat Chris Kramer?" - Hannah
  4. "I'm fucking secretary of Freshman class council!" - Hannah
  5. "She's secretary of Freshman class alcohol!" - Emma points to the only sober person in the room (me)
  6. "I hate Chris, he's so cute." - Hannah
  7. "It felt like a marathon running back here. It was so dark. It was like that scene in House of Leaves." - Hannah (I don't know if this is accurate but it was funny)
  8. "I feel like one of those robots that I don't know their name. A2-D?" - Hannah says as she sprawls out on the ground
  9. Hannah then proceeds to create this lovely drawing for me. "Noreen, what is this? This. I want one." - Hannah
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  10. "I like Chris. Fuck, I hate Chris." - Hannah
  11. "I use academics to compensate for the fact that I have no social life." - Emma
  12. "I'm very conservative when I'm drunk and you're very liberal." - Emma informs Hannah
  13. "You're a communist bitch." - Emma to Hannah
  14. "I am not a communist bitch!" - Hannah
  15. "A communist comrade?" - Emma suggests
  16. "I am not! Okay, maybe a little.." - Hannah
  17. "To Rand Paul (we actually meant Paul Ryan) looking like he just got hit by a fucking car!" - Hannah takes a shot
  18. "Jesse, I think you should get out of town for a while." - Hannah as Walter White
  19. "Why can't you just admit that you need me to leave?!?" - Emma as Jesse, a flawless reenactment of Breaking Bad: Season 5, Episode Eight
  20. "Wtf is Chris Christie? He's a tub of lard." - Emma
  21. "Ted you are a rat. He's a little weasel man." - Emma
  22. "Do you wanna do a walkathon?!" - Emma
  23. "No, I want cheese." - Hannah
  24. "Noreen, I feel like a jellyfish." - Hannah
  25. "Noreen's like the guiding light of Jesus Christ." - Emma