I wrote this in bed at like 3am and I was obviously feeling very bitter at the time (as you might be able to tell), but these are the issues that I tend to stress over.
  1. This has eaten away at me for years.
  2. JC fucking Chasez, answer me. Why have you not released like 20 albums already???
  3. I am so angry with you.
  4. You're tearin' up my heart.
  5. Okay, sorry about that last one...
  6. But anyway. You are literally the best singer out of NSYNC and pretty much all of the other notable boybands out there.
  7. I mean come on! You've got a FOUR octave range. Like what even.
  8. You could pretty much sing anything and it would sound amazing.
  9. You are also a really great dancer and as I recall could do fancy cool back flips too.
  10. I love JT, but you should've had a solo career that was at least as successful as his.
  11. You are depriving the world of your flawless voice and that is a musical crime.
  12. I enjoy listening to Schizophrenic but IT'S NOT ENOUGH.
  14. Everyone please go listen to this talented little shit and appreciate him.
  15. Just listen to JC on this funky version of It's Gonna Be Me. SO GOOD.
  16. I never knew that I needed JC Chasez singing Don't Stop Believin' until I heard it.
  18. Even baby JC was killing it on MMC.
  19. This is just a random compilation of some of his best vocals.
  20. Seriously though I'm not THAT mad.
  21. I just really really really want you to release an album and sing and be happy.
  22. You'll always be my favorite member of NSYNC. ILY.