This list excludes Indiana Jones and Star Wars for logistical reasons (they would pretty much take up the entire list), so I'm going to focus on some other Ford gems.
  1. Hanover Street (1978)
    Okay, this is a pretty terrible movie. It's cheesy and the story's dumb and the characters don't make a whole lot of sense. But A+ for the film score and young Harrison.
  2. Sabrina (1995)
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    A weird guilty pleasure of mine, but it's such a cute little movie. I've never seen the original one but this remake was good enough for me. Plus Harrison looks so precious with his glasses, stupid sweaters, and bowties. Damn you, Linus Larrabee.
  3. Working Girl (1988)
    I find it random that he's in this but it's perhaps his most 80s film ever.
  4. The Mosquito Coast (1986)
    I think this is underrated. I loved it the first time I saw it, but Allie Fox is a tough character for anyone to like let alone play I guess. Also, River Phoenix and Helen Mirren are in this for some reason and I'm glad.
  5. Regarding Henry (1991)
    Super sweet movie. Funnily enough this was written by J.J Abrams. I'm an emotional human so I cry watching this all the time.
  6. Witness (1985)
    Harrison received an Academy Award nomination for this role. Personally, I think Harrison was better in The Mosquito Coast. But nevertheless, I can dig Amish Ford. Also, the best scene? Harrison Ford singing Sam Cooke in a freaking barn.
  7. Air Force One (1997)
    POTUS Ford is the best. This movie may be cheesy as hell, but it's such a 90s classic. James Marshall is one seriously badass president. Like I'd totally elect him. Also, shout out to Gary Oldman for playing such a scarily convincing Russian villain.
  8. The Fugitive (1993)
    Great action thriller that doesn't dumb anything down for it's audience. And even though this film is so frustrating to watch, I absolutely love it. Dr. Kimble is just a chill dude trying to prove his innocence, but literally everyone keeps fucking him over. Give the guy a break, man.
  9. Blade Runner (1982)
    Such a good movie. Beat the whole dystopian craze before it took over the world. This is my favorite just because you really don't have to be in any specific mood to watch it, and I find it more interesting than everything else.