They're endearingly pretentious.
  1. Defenestration
    The act of throwing someone/something out of a window. This has infamously happened so many times in history that they actually had to create a word for it. This has happened specifically in Prague ON MORE THAN ONE OCCASION.
  2. Serendipity
    A pleasant surprise. This word is fun to say, and it's also the title of the John Cusack movie made in 2001 which I admittedly enjoyed. Except Jeremy Piven. Fuck Jeremy Piven.
  3. Tomfoolery
    Silly behavior. I like this word because it borders on pretentious but still has a certain level of undeniable charm. Also whoever says it always sounds vaguely British.
  4. Myriad
    An infinite number. I like this word because it makes me sound smarter than I actually am.
  5. Hobbledehoy
    A clumsy and awkward teenager. I like this word because it describes me.