These are simple investments that help me get by...
  1. DStv
    Cable TV. What would I do without sport and news channels? Favourite sports: F1 and soccer ⚽ Favourite news channel: CNN
  2. Uncapped WiFi
    WiFi in the home - treasure. All the series I don't watch on TV I get to catch up on. Everyone needs to surf for stuff on the Internet. Fodder for my smartphone 📱
  3. Tidal
    Music Streaming subs. Well I don't stream much but I build an offline content library. I enjoy searching for music I want and need when I do. Staying caught up with the latest release singles and albums is cool and discovering new artists way cooler.
  4. King Size King Koil Plush Comfort Bed.
    Every hard worker needs a good rest and a hard worker I am. A good bed provides that good night sleep and recovery. Why is it so big tho? One can do a lot with a big bed.
  5. Time on my PhD
    I invest time - a lot of it on my multiple projects that feed into my overall project. I don't get tired of trying that, dividing that and doing things carefully and the right away. I generally spend a lot of time on things I care about personally and what others care about too.