1. Voting and talking about anything political is a tremendous waste of time
  2. Keeping up with the news actually makes you dumber
  3. Baseball is the best sport on earth
  4. Royal Tennenbaums is the best Wes Anderson movie and it is not a close contest
  5. Stevie Wonder is not blind
  6. Peter Tosh > Bob Marley
  7. Phish > Grateful Dead
  8. Backing into a parking spot is a sign of laziness
  9. Rolling Stones were light years better than the Beatles
  10. People who count listening to an audiobook as "reading" are communists
  11. It is completely normal for a 39 year old dude to like Harry Potter
  12. I like to run in toe shoes
  13. Ice cream is the only acceptable dessert
  14. People who order anything "well done" are children
  15. I do not like the way contractions look.
  16. Shinola notebooks are better than Moleskines.
  17. "Getting after it" is an acceptable phrase to use for everything
  18. I call everyone 'dude'
    Not sure that this is an opinion but I know it drives most people crazy
  19. I like snow