Lifeguarding explained by Stanley Hudson

  1. When you're sitting at the break table and your 15 year old coworker explains how he used his entire first pay check to buy Pokemon cards
  2. When there's any sort of free food brought in by another coworker
  3. When a patron thinks they are entitled to break any and all pool rules because they are 11 years old and have a season pass
  4. When people old enough to have their own mortgage make out in the pool
  5. When people ask you why you work every day of the week
  6. When you whistle at a patron for the second time
  7. When first year lifeguards try to show any sort of authority
  8. When it's around 7:30 and the pool finally clears out for the evening until that one guy in a cut off tank top comes in to swim until 7:59