1. Hurricane Patricia was simply a tropical storm last night, but by this morning, she's grown into a full-blown hurricane.
  2. Patricia rapidly organized and intensified from Wednesday night through early Friday.
  3. World Meteorological Organization spokeswoman Claire Nullis says Patricia is evolving quickly.
  4. Patricia's apparently got enough power to lift automobiles, and destroy any homes not built of cement and steel.
  5. Patricia's size has surprised even the most seasoned of storm chasers.
  6. Forecasters believe Patricia will be on a north-northeast track.
  7. Anyone in this storm's path should get out of the way - a task that's complicated by Patricia's rapid growth.
  8. The Hurricane Center in Miami said Patricia also poses problems for Texas.
  9. Patricia is forecast to rapidly weaken over the mountains of Mexico.
  10. It's possible Patricia will dissipate completely 36 hours after landfall.
  11. Acapulco is not under any watches or warnings for Patricia.