A helpful guide for those of us who for some ungodly reason sexually prefer straight boys
  1. Shirtless mirror selfie
    Especially if that's the first picture. He's a narcissist who will love the gym more than he will ever love you and probably lowkey has ringworm.
  2. Mirror selfie
    There's a front facing camera for a reason, and that reason is so you don't look like you're trying to find friends on MySpace.
  3. Selfie
    Boys who take selfies for no reason are a little odd, mostly because they either know too well or don't know at all how to properly use angles and lighting. If they're pouting, RUN. If all of their photos are selfies with the exact same face, RUN FASTER.
  4. Snapback
    There's a 90% chance he's a douche. Not necessarily foolproof, but watch out for it.
  5. With the same girl more than once or with a bunch of girls
    He either wants you to think he's desirable (he's a player) or he's still hung up on his ex
  6. With a dog
    Again, not foolproof. Sometimes it's because he's got a cool dog. Other times it's because he knows that a cute dog will draw you in no matter how weird he might be.
  7. With a baby
    If he doesn't specify that it's not his baby, it's probably his baby
  8. With a fish he presumably caught
    This is the number one indicator of a man who owns and proudly displays a Confederate flag
  9. All at parties looking sloppy
    He's a budding alcoholic
  10. With his frat
    ...do I really have to explain?
  11. All of his pictures are far away or blurry
    He's the Loch Ness Monster