1. Cat helping with Flor tile arranging.
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  2. Chuck and Connie after a walk.
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  3. JD, me and Bababooey.
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  4. Last day with my mom.
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  5. A not-disturbing-at-all doll we found in my mom's closet.
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  6. I miss New York.
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  7. Going to Venice Skatepark makes me want to take up skating again. And when I do I will really fuck myself up.
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  8. Jean Smart, me & Florence Henderson working through the sexual tension.
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  9. First week in LA. No air-conditioning so I had to hope any meetings I had were before noon.
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  10. Did I mention I miss New York?
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  11. Yes, drugs were involved.
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  12. Probably my favorite photo I've ever taken.
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  13. 3 rings, an MVP, a batting title, Comeback Player of the Year, and Rookie of the Year.
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  14. Chester, the best dog ever, and some seaweed.
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