If not gems, certainly pleasant surprises. Please make suggestions for adds to this list but make sure they're not well-known.
  1. Headhunters (2011)
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    A smart, suspenseful crime movie. The less said the more you'll enjoy this.
  2. Blue Ruin (2013)
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    See: Headhunters description
  3. Danger 5 (2011)
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    A web series from Australia. Pure funny.
  4. Salamander (2012)
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    A Belgian TV crime series. Despite one or two inexplicable story turns, this show is quite fun.
  5. Park Avenue: Money, Power and the American Dream (2012)
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    A documentary looking at a few blocks along Park Avenue that are the epicenter of the super-rich who willfully exploit the rest of society.
  6. How to Make a Book With Steidl (2010)
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    A fascinating documentary about Gerhard Steidl, a demanding and obsessive publisher of photography books. The film travels with him around the world to work with iconic photographers like Robert Frank and Martin Parr.