I know it's a day late. Relax.
  1. She turned me onto Steve Martin
    When I was a little kid she told me about this comic who would go on the Tonight Show and do purposely bad jokes. It still impresses me that she "got" it.
  2. She let me stay up way past my bedtime to watch Fernwood Tonight with her.
    Again, I'm impressed she got it. Fernwood was a deliberately crummy talk show starring Martin Mull and Fred Willard. The show had fake guests played by relative unknowns like Robin Williams and Tom Waits. We would laugh our asses off. It blew my mind.
  3. She would buy National Lampoons for me without telling my dad.
    My dad saw one issue with a story about a family that all started fucking each other at their Thanksgiving dinner. It was hilarious but from then on the magazine was forbidden in our house but my mom still bought it for me.
  4. She once said the diamond on her wedding ring was "no bigger than the balls on a gnat."
    She could really make me laugh.