Emojis Can always improve but...
  1. 👯 reminds me of the creepy girls from THE SHINING
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  2. 💩🔥 I have never left a flaming bag of poo but fantasize sometimes about it.
  3. 😎 keep it on the DL. But hey, if you're texting? Not exactly info under lockdown#
  4. 🏂 my son is a competitive snowboarder so this just gets used a lot
  5. ❄️🙏🏽 we pray for snow in our home
  6. 😁😖😳 any of these can be used for self-deprecation.
  7. 🐝 I'm a bee keeper. See link in profile
  8. 😜 I'm funny
  9. 😡 I get super annoyed sometimes