1. What if everyone starts discussing military secrets and I'm so totally lost as that is not a key interest of mine?
  2. What if I sing the national anthem of America too passionately?
  3. Are the Stella beers that @margaretyoko brought for everyone or just her?
  4. What if the plastic cups I bring are of lesser quality than the ones provided by @dcerruti ?
  5. Did @MrRai leave because I made him uncomfortable?
  6. Excuse me hostess @saytrumbo but what are these orange sticks piled at the end of your flourishing indoor garden?
  7. What if I accidentally become overwhelmed by the succulent deviled eggs provided by @13spencer and eat them all?
  8. What if the extreme decadence of a second television arouses feelings of anger due to the extreme poverty of my own upbringing?
  9. When is @ChrisK getting here?
  10. @margaretyoko is it weird everyone has their shoes on except the host @saytrumbo