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life of a metalsmith
  1. burning white out
  2. burning hair
  3. liver of sulfur
    smells like rotten eggs
  4. copper oxidation
  1. jam
    it comes in such a tiny jar!!! but i buy it because it's the only one my grocery store sells that doesn't have any added sugars or unnecessary ingredients
  2. bread
    wish i had time to make my own every week ☹️
  3. avocados
    they're like $2.50 each rn so i haven't been buying any 😥
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  1. etched copper brooches
  2. fern brooch
    this photo is pretty early in the process
  3. more recently
    it's been through a lot tbh but i will finish it on monday
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  1. if you spill oil in the kitchen wipe it off the counter and rub it on your skin like lotion
  2. don't wash your jeans unless they are very dirty/smelly
  3. wear your shoes until they fall apart
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ranked by how likely you are to find them in my fridge
  1. 8.
    honestly i've never had it because it is always the most expensive. i've heard it's similar to almond milk but a little creamier.
  2. 7.
    super thin. probably best for like cereal and oats.
  3. 6.
    very sweet naturally. good for cereal and baking.
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  1. let me start off by saying that i am new to this
    i watched The True Cost this summer and decided to make a change
  2. so i haven't bought too much clothing since then
    and what i have bought is mostly thrifted
  3. i highly recommend underwear from wearpact.com and i assume the rest of their products are good too
    i'm going to order a pair of socks soon so i'll let ya'll know about those when they arrive
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  1. sweater:
    blood, ramen broth, hot sauce, coffee, chocolate
  2. jeans:
    coffee, light pink oil paint, blue pen, black sharpie, machine grease, white out, blood, more blood
  3. socks:
    idk probably some dirt
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  1. i only by plant foods
  2. i only buy sustainably produced and fairly traded new clothing (or i buy second hand)
    if you're looking for new undies, check out wearpact.com. the documentary, The True Cost explains the importance of this pretty well.
  3. i only buy fair trade coffee
    i try to always buy fair trade chocolate too but i slip up with that more.
  4. i try to buy organic food when i can afford it
    gotta save the planet one potato at a time
a little late for national poetry day but what the heck. i wrote this piece over the past few months and won a poetry slam with it a few days ago.
  1. the sink stopped leaking but this kid still rolls the wrong way
    i mean, the handles turn the wrong way.
  2. my dad does this thing where gets real savvy when he's drunk and tries to fix the kitchen sink
    or his relationship with his kids, or his marriage.
  3. he come drunk and we play cards and my mom burns her hands in hot water
    i mean, my dad bangs his fists on the table. i mean, he's got a hot temper.
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there are all kinds of like ~specialty~ vegan candies, but i feel like listing common candies that happen to be vegan is more relevant
  1. 5.
    dum dums
  2. 4.
    swedish fish
  3. 3.
    smarties are the most school/workplace friendly candy because they are produced in a nut free and gluten free facility and they're vegan!!
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