Let me just vent for a second
  1. Today I was in the studio working on a project that is due very soon
  2. And I left to hang out with my friends
    Even though I wanted to keep working
  3. Because we all made like kind of vague plans for tonight
  4. So I took a 45 minute bus ride home
    Bc no one wanted to pick me up even though it would have taken 10 minutes total
  5. And then walked to my friend's house in the cold
  6. And then they all left like 20 minutes after I got there
  7. No one thought to tell me they were all leaving soon????
  8. Or that it wasn't worth it for me to wait half an hour for a bus and then get super carsick on the bus ride and then walk all the way there just to have to leave????
  9. I'm so tired and stressed and sad
    And this is probably not a big deal but I'm super annoyed
  10. I could have stayed in the studio and been super productive
  11. But instead I sacrificed the things i needed to be doing to spend time with people
  12. And they just like totally disregarded that?
  13. Like it wouldn't have been that hard to tell me they all had other night time plans when I said I was leaving the studio to come over???
  14. I feel really dumb for being so upset rn but I am so stressed and this like lowkey ruined my night
  15. Idk idk I will probably delete this but hello thanks for listening, list app