a review of thinx period underwear

  1. i recently bought 3 pairs of the boyshorts, which have been marketed toward the transmasculine community
  2. they are $34 each, but the price goes down if you buy more.
    mine came to $30 each with free shipping
  3. they all have different levels of absorbency
    the boyshort can hold 1 tampon's worth, while the hiphugger can hold 2
  4. i have a moderately light period
    i used to use regular tampons on my heaviest day and light for the rest, so i'm definitely not a great test for the limits of these
  5. i wore one pair through the night and another for like 10 hours of class and work today (my heaviest day)
    no leakage, no problems
  6. they're pretty comfy
    my only complaint is that they're a little shorter than i'd like. they like just barely contain my buttcheeks
  7. they fit a lot like most women's "boyshort" underwear fit
    i was hoping they'd fit a bit more like men's boxer briefs or trunks
  8. their packaging is not discreet at all
    it's cute and all but i was not thrilled about picking this up from the post office
  9. i'm down to talk about periods, but i didn't want all of the post office employees to assume things about my gender or my genitals
  10. anyway, i'd recommend them for sure
    i think you can get $10 off your first purchase!
  11. also the care instructions on the inside of the underwear is hard to read, but it's written clearly on the packaging
    plus it's pretty easy: just rinse after wear, machine wash cold, tumble dry low