after using a diva cup for almost a year, I decided to try something new, so here's a comparison.
  1. Diva
  2. Lunette
  4. Diva
    Hell yeah. It only leaked a couple of times and the leakage was super minimal. I also think it was probably my fault for wearing it for too long on heavy days.
  5. Lunette
    I haven't had it for very long but it's doing a great job so far!
  6. ◽️COMFORT: 🍫
  7. Diva
    The cup is very firm which can cause a little discomfort when sitting in certain positions or if you need to poop. The stem is also extremely rigid and can irritate the hymen and the area just inside the vagina. This was a big problem for me, but obviously our bodies are different so it might work great for you!
  8. Lunette
    This cup is a little softer than the diva cup. The stem is thinner and more flexible AND SO MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE!!! The lunette wins this category for sure.
  10. Diva
    Everything is pink and like about girl power. Girl power is great and important but i'm not a girl so having that like really aggressively thrust at me during a time when I'm already feeling shitty and dysphoric is bad.
  11. Lunette
    Pretty inclusive. The instructions aren't really specific to women so that's cool!
  12. ◽️INSERTION: 👆🏻
  13. Diva
    The instructions say to rotate it 360 degrees after insertion to make sure it is totally unfolded. This is not the easiest task tbh. But I usually just wiggled it around and rotated it like halfway and it was fine.
  14. Lunette
    The instructions say to insert a clean finger and feel around the cup to make sure it is unfolded but like damn how much space do you think I have up in there????? I just wiggle it and twist it a little and it's fine!
  15. ◽️REMOVAL: 👇🏻
  16. Diva
    The firmness makes it a little uncomfortable to remove sometimes. It's also a little difficult to hold onto.
  17. Lunette
    A+ so far! I'm better able to like wiggle it out and since it's soft, the rim compresses a little more. The stem is also easier to grab onto.
  19. Sometimes the diva cup made me feel like I couldn't fully empty my bladder and also like I constantly needed to pee 🚽
    I'm sure this isn't universal and is totally dependent on your specific anatomy.
  20. The lunette is available in a few colors while the diva cup is only available in clear 💜💙💚
    I went with the clear bc I don't want to put dyes in my vagina, but you do you. I'm sure it's totally safe!
  21. The lunette's packaging is way more aesthetically pleasing 🌀
    But this is probably unimportant
  22. ✨comment if there are other categories you want me to compare them in!!✨
    Or suggest me more specific lists!
  23. I would recommend the lunette over the diva cup for sure 👍🏻