I'm related to every Hrim in the United States. I am very likely the only person in the world with my name.
  1. It's pronounced like "rim."
    the H is entirely silent. So. Many. Rimjob. Jokes.
  2. I grew up thinking it was Polish, but it is actually Ukrainian.
    My dad's family is Polish-Ukrainian and lived between changing borders.
  3. The Ukrainian spelling is грім.
    It is pronounced sort of like chrim (the "ch" is similar to a Hebrew ch but not quite as harsh, and the "r" rolled just a little bit)
  4. It translates to Thunder. 🌩
  5. There is a Ukrainian folk band called HRIM.
  6. My grandpa has cousins here in the US who still pronounce the rolled r.
    I think this has to do with coming to the US at different times but idk
  7. Hrim, pronounced Hreem is a Vedic mantra related to the sun.
    But that's just coincidence. Also I know nothing about this except that's it's the first thing on google when you search Hrim. So let me know if this is incorrect!