Just documenting some good things that have happened recently.
  1. A friend just asked to hang out and talk about poetry.
    It feels so good when people reach out to me instead of the other way around. Makes me feel affirmed and shit.
  2. I started classes again and was reunited with all of my studio buddies.
    The one kid I didn't really like transferred schools hahaha.
  3. I started a new job yesterday where I basically get paid $9 an hour to do homework and occasionally sort mail.
    There is free coffee.
  4. Today someone stopped me after class to tell me I'm cute.
  5. I'm trading a friend a homemade loaf of bread for some textbooks.
    I have a reading due Thursday and I meant to text him earlier but I forgot until he just texted me a minute ago asking which books I needed so like basically he saved my butt.