1. 11 years ago, on the eve of Valentine's Day, my dad came home with a tiny black puppy.
    I was in 3rd grade. I cried.
  2. My mom really didn't want a dog.
    Like really 100% absolutely Did Not.
  3. My dad didn't tell her he was going to adopt a dog.
    She overheard him on the phone with his friend the night before though. She pretended she didn't hear and hoped he would say something.
  4. So she was really upset when this dependent little slobber ball was forced into her life.
    I was the happiest kid on the block though. It was all very confusing for me. Kid me didn't understand how anyone could be upset about a dog??
  5. My mom didn't talk to my dad for a long time. Didn't buy him gifts for holidays.
  6. She came around eventually.
    To an extent, anyway. It took years for her to pet her.
  7. How could you not love someone so adorable???
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  8. 🐶
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  9. How is a child supposed to pick a side between this precious muffin and their mom?!?!
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