1. Figure out why you want to be vegan
    Is it for the animals? The environment? Your health? Or a combination of all three?! Figuring this out will help you stay on track in the future!
  2. Take it slow
    It's hard to go vegan overnight. Don't set unreachable goals for yourself or you might get discouraged. Veganism is a journey and it is certainly not a competition.
  3. Try cutting things out one at a time
    Today, stop eating meat. Next week, no cheese. A month from now, no honey or eggs. (Or go vegan overnight if that's what feels right to you!!)
  4. Remember that this is your journey and it won't look like anyone else's!
    I was vegetarian for a long time and then I went vegan overnight without any problems. My girlfriend went vegan at the same time as me and struggled with a lot of cravings. It's okay if you have cravings for things you don't /want/ to eat. You're doing great!
  5. Watch some documentaries and try to understand the various reasons others go vegan
    Educate yourself. Ask questions. I recommend the documentary Earthlings because it shows animal treatment in industries other than food.
  6. Remember it is okay to mess up
    It will happen. It does not negate any progress you have made. Like last week I ordered fried rice and forgot to say no eggs. So I picked out as much of the egg as I could and ate the rice anyway because I had already paid for it. It was better to eat it than to waste it.
  7. Do not bash the way anyone else eats.
    I am totally against eating meat, but I will never tell someone their food is gross even if the smell makes me feel sick. Don't act like meat-eaters are the devil. Most of us have been raised in ways that normalize eating animals.
  8. Support vegetarians, pescetarians, and people who do meatless Mondays.
    They are helping your cause even if it is in small ways. They are making an impact. They're decreasing the demand for animal products. You are not better than them. It took me a while to understand this, but I watched a lot of vegan youtubers and read a lot of blogs and realized I was being ridiculous.
  9. Ask for help
    Comment on blogs and videos, search for beginner vegan meal plans, ask your vegan friends, send me a list request.
  10. Just do it
    Thinking about not eating cheese won't help the animals if you never actually cut it out of your diet.