1. Bring your own food
    Seriously. Ask what people are making and then veganize it so you don't feel left out. Or so you have something sweet to eat when everyone else is eating cookies!
  2. Bring a dish to share
    Sharing food is fun and maybe your annoying uncle will finally realize vegan food isn't just plain lettuce
  3. Offer to buy substitutions like almond milk and soy butter for the host/cook to use.
  4. Answer questions when people ask.
    Don't make the whole dinner about you though! People already have the idea that all vegans are pushy and have God-complexes.
  5. Say thank you as much as you can for anyone who goes out of their way to accommodate you.
  6. Don't apologize.
    For being difficult, for being picky, for being a hassle. You are doing something great.