1. When you clean them and then smudge them with your finger while putting them back on your face
  2. When you get new glasses and it takes a week and 7 headaches to adjust to the new lenses
  3. When you go to push them up but you're not even wearing them so you just poke yourself in the face
  4. Not being able to lay down in any comfortable position with them on
    /damaging them from laying like that anyway
  5. Trying to fit 3D glasses at the movies over your normal glasses comfortably.
    Suggested by @barefootmeds
  6. Getting a spot or scratch (gasp!) on them and that's all you can see now
    Suggested by @amandajane
  7. When you're driving and you want to switch to sunglasses (and you don't have prescription sunglasses obvi) but it makes your eyes feel funny to take off your glasses in the middle of the day.
    Suggested by @sarahsolene
  8. When it rains and then you just get giant drops of water on your glasses so it's basically like tiny annoying windshields with no wipers...
    Suggested by @olivia_michele
  9. To continue @sarahsolene's point, when you want to wear sunglasses while driving, don't have prescription glasses, and can't see well enough without your glasses so you wear sunglasses on top of your glasses and wonder whether people can tell when you're stopped at an intersection.
    I think they can't but only because I'm convinced that people can't see me when I have sunglasses on
    Suggested by @kbon
  10. When you start to sweat and they just slide down your nose and won't stay in place no matter how hard you try 😩
    Common occurrence when you live with no AC
    Suggested by @stephbee
  11. You are walking around feeling pretty good about how you look, and then a mirror shows you how totally filthy your glasses are, and how they must look to everyone else.
    Suggested by @PassiveAggressor