Requested by @DG
Thanks for the request! 🌞
  1. I'm a student at a tech school, but I began my time here as an industrial design student.
    My college is primarily an engineering school but it has a killer art program.
  2. I loved industrial design in concept but hated all of the work I was producing.
  3. I had heard of the metals and jewelry design program and decided to check it out.
    I met the chair of my major, took a very long tour, and fell in love. (I know that's a lil cliché but I am so serious)
  4. So now, I've spent one semester in the studio and I've produced some really cool stuff that I am really proud of! ⭐️
    I can not imagine spending my life doing anything but this.
  5. I have a long way to go, but I am so happy.
    I am so motivated to keep learning.
  6. This locket is the piece I am the most proud of from this semester.
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    It is titled Apollo.
  7. I have spent about 6,500 hours in my studio this semester and they are collectively some of the best hours of my life.