Inspired by @DanaDigsYou
  1. The one who I knew since I was capable of forming memories and who I gave my first ever blowjob to.
    Distance and incompatibility. We were so young. They like cars and hunting so clearly that could never work.
  2. The one who used to walk for miles every time they were sad and who I got high with for the first time.
    I think they were intimidated by how serious I was. Who knows, really?
  3. The one who I genuinely thought was the best thing since sliced bread even though they had alcoholic tendencies.
    I still don't know what happened. They stopped answering my calls.
  4. The one who hitchhiked across the country and kissed me tentatively.
    They also did heroin and didn't have time for a young kid trying to understand the complexities of gender.
  5. The one who made art and was art and who I still miss.
    Distance and college and my fear of missing out.
  6. The one who I had sex with on a basketball court even though they had a girlfriend. Also my first kiss. Also the person I cheated on someone else to kiss.
    The last time I saw them they said they were in love with me but that it hurts too much to be with me. I don't know what that means.