I'm moving back in a few months, but with better roommates.
  1. This environment is fucking toxic and I need to complain for a quick sec
  2. One of my roommates makes me feel so uncomfortable in my own home that I will avoid leaving my room to pee if I know he is home
  3. That same roommate is extremely passive aggressive and refuses to talk about why he is annoyed or whatever. He just like sighs really aggressively and makes vaguely rude comments
  4. He also is really annoying about how clean the kitchen is
    Like shut up dude I just finished cooking I will wipe down the counters after I eat god damn
  5. My other roommate never stops scream-singing
    Like ever
  6. She also basically lives in our shared living room
    Like she is actually in the living room from 9 am to 2 am every day. She never fucking leaves. IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE A SHARED SPACE BUT SHE'S JUST SO ANNOYING
  7. They also both get mad at me and @foodnetwork for cooking???
    And for having dishes in the sink??? But like we actually cook instead of eating frozen food and hot dogs for every meal??? So like obviously we have dishes???
  8. I am moving out in like 5 days to spend the summer with my parents because I have an internship in my hometown
    I have never been so happy to live with my parents (because let's be real I do not want to live with my parents)