Now that I'm back at my apartment and have some free time, here's what I need to get done.
  1. A paper about the history of silver that was due a few weeks ago.
  2. Fixing/finishing a drawing of glass.
  3. Working on this box/pendant
  4. Sending the letters that are on my nightstand that I meant to send in January 😳
    Look out @80lemons @bisexual @feminist I am so sorry it took me so long 💌
  5. Making a cool zine of quotes by my feminist theory professor with @foodnetwork
    He just has a certain way of speaking that is very interesting. We're going to give it to him when it's finished.
  6. Decorating a new notebook ✍🏻
    Probably with some sort of collage but who knows
  7. Cleaning my apartment forever 🗑
    It really needs it