Art student.
  1. At least one brown, 5x8, paperback, unruled, moleskine
    This is where I sketch jewelry designs, take notes on metalsmithing processes, and doodle.
  2. At least one college ruled notebook of similar size.
    I prefer the cheap spiral bound ones from the dollar store, but right now I have a bunch of white moleskines.
  3. Many pens and fine-tipped felt markers.
    I prefer blue ink, but I always have a black pen and usually a red or green as well.
  4. Wallet.
    Cash, debit card, tiny pic of my brother as a child. Mostly to buy food on campus.
  5. Water bottle.
    Fuck plastic waste yo.
  6. Student ID and my keys.
    Always in my left pocket.
  7. Phone.
    But never my charger. Always in my right pocket.
  8. Lush None Of Your Beeswax lip balm.
  9. Hand cream.
    And yet my hands are always dry and sad.