where I buy sustainably sourced and ethically produced clothing

  1. let me start off by saying that i am new to this
    i watched The True Cost this summer and decided to make a change
  2. so i haven't bought too much clothing since then
    and what i have bought is mostly thrifted
  3. i highly recommend underwear from wearpact.com and i assume the rest of their products are good too
    i'm going to order a pair of socks soon so i'll let ya'll know about those when they arrive
  4. i'm planning to buy some shoes from solerebels.com but i need to save up some money/wear out my current shoes to the point that i am forced to buy new ones
  5. rawganique.com looks pretty good too. their website isn't super pleasing, but i've seen them recommended on lists of ethical clothing brands. they have a huge variety of stuff.
    and they just started releasing "women's" sizes of some of their "men's" shoes which means they will fit my tiny feet so i might be ordering a pair from them soon!