1. Silver is really expensive
    I am making a rather large silver necklace
  2. I am opening for a trans awareness week event tomorrow night
    This will be fun and any excuse to read poems in front of a crowd is a good one but I'm so tired and I don't want to feel emotions
  3. I am competing in a poetry slam on Thursday with a new piece
    It is very sad and I don't know how the audience will react
  4. I have a paper due soon
    Maybe I will submit a poem instead
  5. I am working on my final projects in 3 classes right now
    There is one month left in the semester
  6. I have another paper due on the same day as the grand slam
    The grand slam is a final round of poetry that will determine who competes nationally
  7. I don't have time for my job but I need money more than sleep