In very particular order
  1. 1. Screaming Females- "Rose Mountain"
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    The best band I had never heard of! Found out about them through their cover of Taylor Swift's "Shake it Off." I admit, I was searching for the original b/c it's a great song (minus the bridge...fight me!) But lucky for me, I accidentally discovered this amazing band. Saw them live and it was the best $7 I ever spent. This is the kind of record you listen to and get so mesmerized you forget to check your phone every 10 seconds. It's an intense experience. Favorite track: "Hopeless."
  2. 2. Jeff Rosenstock- "We Cool?"
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    Dan Andriano, the Garfunkel of Alkaline Trio, toured for his solo album this year. Jeff was his opener. I had no idea who he was so I went on www.Google to do some research. First song I heard was "Nausea;" which is the catchiest song ever written about binge watching porn & Robocop while binge drinking alone b/c you're afraid of adulthood.The lyrics are sad throughout, but it's impossible not to sing along at the top of your lungs w/ the biggest smile as you bear hug a friend & hurt your back.
  3. 3. The Sidekicks- "Runners in the Nerved World"
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    Been trying to spread the word about this perfect band ever since I first heard "Weight of Air" in 2009. They reinvent themselves with each record and this album is no exception. It's complete bliss. If ears could cum, your headphones would be constantly slipping out while this record played. Favorite track: "Everything in Twos."
  4. 4. Hop Along- "Painted Shut"
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    Nothing makes your skin crawl in the most amazing way like Frances Quinlan's scratchy croons. "Waitress" has to be one of the best songs I've ever heard. It's perfection. You just wanna scream along with her, but you realize you're unworthy and just listen. You will finish the record and feel like a new person. A better person. The person you promise yourself you'll be every New Year's Day, but realize the goal is futile. It's possible, and now you know how.
  5. 5. Leftover Crack- "Constructs of the State"
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    Disclaimer: I'm really sorry you didn't make the top 5 Adele. Please forgive me. You're still the best ever... OK I digress. This record has more collaborations than a Lil Wayne album (I think), and they work so well! Every song is unique b/c of it. I'm not sure who exactly is featured besides Jesse Michaels (punk legend), but I will know as soon as I steal myself a physical copy. C'mon, you can't truly enjoy a Leftover Crack album until you've experienced it via five finger discount.