Because they are bad influences? Anti-feminist? Fall in love too fast? Never save themselves? Just because a girl dresses up and finds true love doesn't mean she's not a good, hardworking role model πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ’…πŸΏ (PS Anna and Elsa are ok but definitely not anything new and inspiring but I think we are past that trend)
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    Snow White
    was orphaned & raised by her evil step mother but didn't complain. She wanted a guy to save her but she didn't fall in love & run away the minute he showed up. She almost got murdered by orders from her own step mother but instead ran away through a haunted forest. Even after all that she chose to look at everything optimistically "with a smile and a song". She made the best of the life she found by helping out these strange men and still got murdered (more or less) again.
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    Well I hope you've heard the quote "Cinderella didn't ask for a prince, she asked for a night off and a dress." She was orphaned and worked for her stepmother and sisters all her life with minimal complaints. She didn't even know he was the prince when she fell in love.
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    Sleeping Beauty
    She found true love in the forest and was hella bummed when she found out she wasn't allowed to see him because she's a princess.
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    Was so fascinated with another world she collected human objects for years. Eventually she found someone she loved & found an opportunity to go after him. She fought for her love. Also she saved him at least once!
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    Gave up her freedom so her father could be free, then fell in love with a Beast because of the bond she made with him.
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    Just wanted to be free & not marry someone dumb or who liked her for her looks. She ran away to the market place a few times and eventually fell in love there. She was super skeptical of Prince Ali until she realized he was Aladdin.
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    Bad ass bitch, y'all know it. Didn't want her father to have to go to war just because she wasn't a boy and ended up saving an entire country.
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    Wanted more than the traditional marriage. Fell in love with the boy who asked her questions and challenged her. Fought her own people to save him.
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    Was invested in making her own dreams a reality & worked super hard to open a restaurant. Did everything she could to become human again and took a long time to fall in love with Naveen. Still opened her business after marrying the prince.
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    Knocked out Flynn the first time she saw him, and totally held her own fighting against the bad guys (with a frying pan!). Fought her own mother & saved her dying prince.
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    Went after her sister herself. Fell in love with the wrong guy. Knocked him out for being a dick.
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    Didn't find love (or look for it). Learned to deal with her own abnormalities & not to just run and hide.