The inspiration to my current style aesthetic
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    Julia Roberts in My Best Friends Wedding
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    Big hair, tiny shirt, bra optional. I'm all about iiiiit.
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    Wednesday Addams
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    The modesty, the colors, the lil flowers that contradict the attitude. Count me in as a Wednesday wannabe.
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    Rachel Green, of course
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    Who isn't inspired by this icon. Never forget this plaid skirt/knee high socks combo, but all her other outfits too.
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    Winona Ryder in Heathers
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    Winona in everything, really. I'm partial because people say I look like her. But the style is so spot on! This outfit is so cute and makes her murdering 5x more badass. Love the lil bralette type crop top.
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    Duh!!! All 3 girls!! Knee socks and plaid and crop tops are my shit, if you haven't noticed. Let me in your clique!
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    Taylor Swift 2015
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    I just really love crop tops and she has really been working em!! Actually I've always loved her style minus a few times
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    Mindy Lahiri (The Mindy Project)
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    Her style is not necessarily the same as mine but I am inspired by how she ROCKS EVERYTHING SHE WEARS. Like she just blows these looks outta the park. Looks that most people can't pull off. @mindy is queen.