1. I hate lists about favorite books
  2. About favorite movies
  3. Favorite authors
  4. Super heros
  5. Albums
  6. Restaurants
  7. Bars
  8. Apps
  9. Cities
  10. Candies
  11. Dog Breeds
  12. Cars
  13. I hate lists, I hate this app...
  14. OMG I even hate Grocery Lists
  15. Freaking to do lists
  16. Lists a about child celebrities that are now ugly
  17. I hate lists about child celebrities that died young
  18. Or celebrities with illnesses
  19. And prettiest colleges
  20. And biggest party schools
  21. And best neighborhoods in America
  22. Or hippest neighborhoods in Atlanta
  23. Or best AirBnbs or lists of
  24. Most profitable apps
  25. Or most dangerous felons
  26. And smartest dogs
  27. And dangerous cities
  28. And safest cars
  29. And best schools
  30. And Indy bands
  31. Best artists
  32. Personality Types
  33. Personality types who cheat
  34. Lists of kids in your kids class
  35. School supplies...kill me now
  36. Summer reading list
  37. Wtf to bring to camp
  38. Crap my kids have broken
  39. Crap to fix in my house
  40. Medicine charts
  41. Ways to kill oneself
  42. Funny comediens
  43. Creepy people at work
  44. Psychedelic meds
  45. Therapy Teams
  46. Best honeymoon spots!!!
  47. Lists are so freaking annoying!!!
  48. Shove it up your anal retentive list app, app!!!
  49. Lists of IKEA instructions
  50. Knitting patterns
  51. Shows on TV
  52. Spotify channels or whatever you call them
  53. Rules!!! Omg is anything more awful???
  54. Directions, lists of directions the worst
  55. Pre-Op instructions
  56. Phone Prompts...
  57. Pay the meter instruction list are Satan's work...
  58. Ingredients...arggggh
  59. This american need to hypercontrol everything must stop
  60. Color options
  61. Font options
  62. Menu items
  63. Lists are anti democratic they make people sad!!!
  64. Contacts
  65. Email lists, it's just awful stop the freaking madness
  66. Bucket Lists are pure hell! I hate bucket lists!!!
  67. Anger management technique lists
  68. Diagnosis lists
  69. People you have slept with lists
  70. Gay guys you have dated lists
  71. Jobs you have been fired from lists
  72. Cities you have lived in
  73. Password lists
  74. I mean really doesn't this hurt enough...too many lists!!!
  75. Ways your parents messed you up
  76. Ways they didn't eff you up
  77. Best birthdays
  78. Worst birthdays
  79. Cities you have visoted
  80. Countries you have bisited
  81. The best food at Trader Joes
  82. Food that is unhealthy
  83. Best beers
  84. Best wines
  85. Best Public Highschools
  86. Best private schools...doesn't everybody hate private schools???
  87. Ways to tell your child is autistic...that's just depressing!!!
  88. Ancestors lists...yikes pressure!!!
  89. Stuff not to buy at Dekalb Farmers Market because the people there can be clueless that meat needs a fridge... Everyday all the time not when the feeling strikes...
  90. Late Flight lists- ugh,,, really???
  91. Soccer league lists---this team again??? You call that soccer??? No way!!!
  92. I hate lists!!! Make it stop!!!
  93. People you cheated on...
  94. People who cheated on you!!!
  95. Lists of people in list apps...awful, the worst
  96. Pedophiles in my neighborhood
  97. And ice cream flavors
  98. Yogurt flavors too!!!
  99. I just hate Em, hate Em everywhere, hate lists.