Add your political inspired art
  1. From Georgia...
  2. California
    "I just finished my Flatmo'd portrait of Donald Trump. I can't see why people would rally behind this maniacal power grabbing, hateful bigot. It's shameful!" Duane Flatmo, local artist, Humboldt County, Eureka, CA March 8, 2016 from public Facebook post.
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  3. From Georgia
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  4. Found on friends Facebook
  5. Found on someone's Facebook that had same name as friend.
  6. Art teacher reposted on Facebook. How funny? 💕
  7. The best, treasure hunted on Pinterest.
  8. From friends Facebook- so much beauty
  9. There are banners going up all over Atlanta tonight - check @signs_of_solidarity_atl on Instagram
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  10. Oh Leia...more Facebook thievery!!!
  11. My my cousin a 2 mommy family just posted this...so many tears!
  12. The art is coming on fierce, strong, heroic and beautiful now! Art might save us!
  13. Crackertastic
  14. Red, Creme and Bleautiful
  15. Made for my sweet less militant friend...
  16. My design for my Tshirt! Love to Bang On Shirts in ATL!!!