This could be my moment on my Southern block...I showed you mine, show me yours...
  1. Knockout Roses
    Like a child, a wine or a biz these things are worth the investment. OMG taller then me now.
  2. Purple Irises shadowed by Rosemary.
    Inherited from step mom in laws garden. #GardenCrack
  3. White Irises-Knockouts
    Together we are better
  4. Pansies and Lilies in a pot
    The renter neighbors moved on and left their cool painted clay pots. I ❤️.
  5. Summer Evening Primrose
    They have been here since we bought the house and are so idyllic. I crave more. So fragile, so pretty.
  6. Orchid on the porch
    I made the lil sign at the annual iron pour. It's my kids and the dog as a puppy. Every iron pour is an experiment ☀️.
  7. Pansies in the ole watering can.
    Don't forget the back porch. I love a house with sweet surprises for only a select few.
  8. Living in the South is so enchanting. The gardens are intoxicating and natural Prozac.
    Just try being sad here in Spring...doesn't happen.