A lot of friends have + 1 body parts
  1. One friend has an extra boob. It's under her arm. When she was nursing it lactated.
  2. My other friend told me her stomach turned today, like a dogs. I guess she had tons of extra intestine, like an extra 20 inches or something. She said it was insanely painful and dangerous. Yikes!!! She also said she had a septum in her Uterus...the thing that is usually only in your nose.
  3. I had an epiphany, I think they are both Chimeras like me-my eye is two colors because I likely absorbed my twin. I think we are all like two candy bars melted into one. Double yum! I haven't named my better half yet but I have ideas.
  4. Does anyone else have extra body parts or friends with them?
  5. My "friend" Chandler has an extra nipple
    Suggested by @HisDudeness