Their coming to dinner sooooo...
  1. No gluten
  2. Or sugar
  3. Or shellfish
  4. Or peanut butter
  5. Or sesame seeds
  6. MSG
  7. Or alcohol they just left the program for God sakes and finished off the community service etc. that was awful when the mug shot circulated the neighborhood...they didn't know...chill.
  8. No Animal products including gelatin don't forget
  9. Or wheat...ugh one more celiac story and I will die people!!!
  10. No pot brownies darn my fav dessert!
  11. No eating the dog or having him around...allergies.
  12. No rice, too much arsenic!!!
  13. No Indian food their Indian- don't want to appear hyper focused...
  14. No French food were colonized by #France I think- check Wikipedia! #Stat
  15. Nothing from Kroger or pre packaged professional chefs
  16. No Dairy- just one bathroom!!!
  17. No pork- OY Vey!
  18. No Tilapia- bottom feeder dangerous farmed in Southeast Asia.
  19. No non organic fruits or veggies
  20. Nothing too colorful or flashy seizure disorder
  21. No sugar
  22. Nothing that has been stored in a BPA plastic scary cancer causing situation
  23. No smoked foods- stomach cancer yikes!!!
  24. No canned products have you heard the danger!?!?
  25. We are so excited your coming to dinner and we really can't wait to have you.
  26. Remembering to take my meds and pop a shot pre dinner party!