I indulged in a cast iron skillet set for camping I am more obsessed with it than my dog.
  1. Peach Pie- Southern living has an Apple Pie Skillet recipe I adapted. Unreal!
  2. Potato hash with roasted corn and peppers to accompany cheeseburgers for impromptu barbecue.
  3. Garlic Asian Shrimp with brown rice because sometimes when you go country you gotta go international country. Low brow need not always be Amuricahn!
  4. Mexican casserole -Grilled Chicken, peppers, roasted corn, pinto beans, brown rice and taco soy cream sauce. WOW!!!
  5. Chicken Lo Mein
  6. Corn Bread made with corn meal from our families trip to The Great Smokies where we saw an old mill and got our lil nuggets as a souvenir. Amazing! The Smokies and the skillet bread. I just want to go back to see the leaves in the fall and get more skillet supplies.
  7. Banana Bread as my hubby loves banana bread but is trying to cut back on gluten- with chocolate chips and pecan
  8. In my experience there is not a painful soul sore a good meal with a stiff drink can't help but ease...
  9. I have lived all over the world but I have found my reflection in that greasy Southern skillet. It has an old skillet soul that speaks to the Semetic in me.
  10. Cobbler that I was the only soul left awake to eat...
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  11. Homemade burritos with leftover roasted chicken and homemade refried beans.