Sometimes my cooking habit gets me too hot and heavy with my grocery.
  1. Trader Joes is like that bad boy boyfriend you can't shake.
    He's so cool and has so many hot items you must have but he is always giving you something rotten and you can't let go, even though you should. He knows he treats you bad but he is so charming and always says he's sorry so you always come running back. Again and again and again!
  2. Kroger-The wonderful, dependable guy next door.
    He's nice looking, buttoned up and always polite. He is fresh but in a good way and never unpredictable or erratic. He appeals to your healthy and not so healthy side but sometimes doesn't fulfill all your exotic needs. He's not 100% sufficient for all the glamour you crave but that's are practical minded and your parents adore him.
  3. Whole Foods-The Yachtsman Grocer
    He appeals to your inner snob but sometimes his pretense is unbearable. Of course, if you need a lil quick sashimi fix there's nothing better. Also who can pass up his appeal for more high minded leisure reads like Dwell and Psychology Today. He's like that guy that went to Private Liberal Arts College and Graduate College to boot and only eats organic while refueling the Yacht.
  4. Wegmans
    Great reviews, does everything and you come back again and again.
    Suggested by @kiraandlulu
  5. Piggly Wiggly - The hometown hookup
    Like you know this guy would never translate over to your "real" life, but when you're visiting your parents, a mix of nostalgia and boredom lures you in.
    Suggested by @rebeccaroanoke
  6. The Co-op
    The want to be hippie who has the best connections for organic fruits & veggies and free range meat. Always eats healthy.
    Suggested by @solitarygigi
  7. Target- Pseudo BF
    The guy who isn't your bf but y'all text 24/7. He makes you feel special but who are you kidding? Dude is like that with all the ladies.
    Suggested by @elissa
  8. Target-
    Yes, he's like a mile wide and an inch deep but you love hanging on the surface...sometimes. When your with him you usually lose your mind and all your cash but you look awesome in the new push up bikini and sweet lil cap. He's been with everyone so of course I can weigh in matter! Get tested after, he does get around!
  9. Country Road Farm Stand- for me, my sweet is Jaemor.
    You love how sun drenched, sweet and "fresh" he is and he can last and last...which no girl is going to complain about. Everything is spanking delish about him, you love his honey and he's all about the BBQ. His momma bakes a dreamy apple bread. You will drive hours to see him and dream about him when you are far away. Who can resist a charming country boy?
  10. Aldi - bring your own condom, yo. He's an acquaintance with no mutual friends, his bare bones apartment is small, dull and uninspiring...but every so often, after a couple bottles of Bud Ice you have incredible sex. You are never seen with him in public, and your profile is still active AF.
    Suggested by @victorious
  11. Food pantry - you get what you can get from this guy, when you can get it. He never gives you a solid day or time to work with, but when you show up after a night out with your friends, he's ALWAYS THERE, waiting to fulfill your needs.
    Suggested by @victorious
  12. Oakhurst Market-Friendly Neighbor Guy
    It's hard to resist him as it's always like a really social orgy with this guy. He's like the hot tub party dude of groceries. He's so fun and has some really special qualities but at the end of the day although it's fun you feel a lil dirty and taken afterward. But certain things YUM!