My friends 12 year old daughter
  1. My friends daughter had a craniotomy yesterday she was hit by car a few evenings ago while on foot
  2. Last night her swelling subsided once more, thank G-d!
  3. I went to see her
  4. And her beautiful preteen face is 100% perfect with zero bruising which seems unfathomable
  5. In her temporary coma all that dark preteen edginess looks completely serene and you see her still glass blue eyes and blond golden hair...
  6. Peeking out beneath a swathe of white cotton mummifying her troubled head with multiple tubes & probes digging in. While I was there they need to jimmy the drain & while my friend seemed brave the young women in scrubs eyes seemed teary & I felt worried. It's a teaching hospital & I realize now she was probably the intern responsible for one more
  7. They are her medical fortune teller
  8. My friend is calm and introverted a grant writer at Georgia Tech and a horticulture therapist for challenged humans
  9. And she brings her thoughtful, quiet demeanor and her sweet sense of humor to this unreal task of having faith and waiting
  10. I don't think I could be as strong and I admire her patient peace
  11. We live in a little Urban college town ITP in Atlanta filled with college professors, public servants and people call it where Berkeley meets Mayberry
  12. People live in 1910 Bungalows and cook casseroles for each other and boys don't need to play sports and can wear a dress to school and we have a soap box derby down a turn of the century street and a porchfest and An old time square the kids grab ice cream at on sunny Friday's after school.
  13. It's pretty amazing except it's getting maybe a lil too Highland Park and gentrified
  14. But so be it because our lil town is Decatur strong and we raised 13k on a goFundMe for my friend in 24 freaking hours.
  15. Money won't cure everything but until they learn otherwise there is hope for a full recovery
  16. Which is a far cry from the funeral my friend thought she was planning