Oh eff again
  1. I have a gifted kid, he uses his powers at times for evil...at the time of this story he is like 11...eff me now but just don't make this again!
  2. One day I get an email addressed to Bitch@yahoo.com
  3. Yep, but it comes from this wacky mom who I know likes me but has a kind of fringe sense of humor so I asked her "Am I in your contacts as B*tch???"
  4. This is FYI a great way to make a mom who likes you put you in the not like column. YEP!
  5. A few hours later I get another email like this addressed also to B*tch@yahoo.com...and a light bulb goes off...this is an inside job.
  6. As you may know from other lists I am an iPhone developer but I am a cluebag as to how lil Mr. Einstein debased my not so smart iPhone!
  7. So, we confront him and I desperately start Googling to take my phone back.
  8. Being that all my work emails are now seeming to go out from B*tch@yahoo.com. YEP!
  9. Is this your life? This is my life!
  10. It turns out you just say "Siri call me Jami" and it should be fixto...
  11. Nope Siri spurts back "Sorry B*tch your request cannot be completed at this time!"
  12. At which point we are all in spite of ourselves ROFL in front of Satanstein.
  13. This memory was jarred by his latest antics today when at 13 he changed my keyboard to Cantonese.