I am so sorry
  1. You were trying to mail a package and fumbling with the machine and I stepped into help.
    You were so thankful
  2. It took a bit, all the numbers and letters etc.
    As my full time gig is now sending Science Project 2.0 camp packages, I am wicked good with this machine.
  3. You reached out your hand and said "I am Muslim" (pretty clear) and your name and said "thanks for the help, we are all human" No doubt. I 100% agree.
  4. You told me the package was nothing strange, just 2 Maxi dresses.
    I am so sorry you think you need to tell me what's in your package. OMG that is so horrible...now I am crying writing this. WTF? Is this what America has come to? I mean, I was mailing D batteries nobody was looking at me weird in my short shorts. (Maybe they were but probably because I am too old for short, shorts)
  5. I broke the news I am Jewish but for freedom of religion and we are all super cool and flashed a peace sign.
    This whole thing hit me hard. More tears.
  6. I hope the girl who is getting the maxi dress present loves it. I am sure they were sweet as Lakita had hip style.
  7. This was the illustration I quickly made for my son to send with his package.
  8. Peace On Earth