Requested by @ChrisK
Lists about mental disorders I hate and love...
  1. Anorexics 😝 super lame no fun control freaks!!! Love to steal your man!
  2. Kleptomaniacs probably stealing my ideas right now-watch your back
  3. Sociopaths hide all deadly weapons and be on the lookout for emotions!!! You never know...misdiagnosis common!
  4. Borderline- your shit, your people is my stuff my people. Zone Chaotico stop the ride I wanna get off!!! #OffStat
  5. Love ADHD, hate the mess!
  6. Love OCD totally under control-phew predictable!!!
  7. Hate Manic Depression!!! Roller coasters are for theme parks!!!
  8. Narcissism why not??? Indulge yourself - bask in the entertainment and charisma charge...reality TV in yo face!!!
  9. Anxiety disorder- what's a mother not to love??? Life is scary-own it, sing your personal hell , we get it!!! Just please get some meds!!!
  10. Depression-what do you think? Makes me feel sad so sad I can't even finish low.